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Exchange your Trafford Housing Trust home Exchange your Trafford Housing Trust home Exchange your Trafford Housing Trust home

Exchange your Trafford Housing Trust home  

House Exchange is an online exchange service where you can register and swap home with other social housing tenants.  

Registration is free, and you will have access to a list of thousands of potential property matches. Once you're registered, you will be able to search through a list of other social housing properties available for exchange nationwide. Finding the perfect home swap has never been easier. 

Visit the House Exchange website for more information


Am I eligible? 

If you are a secure, assured, or fixed-term tenant, you may be able to advertise your home for mutual exchange.  

A few things to consider before applying for permission to swap your home: 

  • If you find a match, the new property needs to meet your needs. For example, we may not agree to a home swap if you're overcrowded in your new home or if there is more than one spare bedroom
  • You will need a clear rent account before you move into the new home
  • You will need to contact us when you've found a swap so we can start the process. This can take up to 42 days.  

You won't be approved to join home exchange if:

  • You have any arrears above £500 on your rent account. The arrears must be cleared, in full, before you will be allowed to swap into another home  
  • There's an outstanding possession order on the property  
  • If the new property is too large for the customer moving into it by more than one bedroom  
  • If the property will be too small for the customer moving into it  
  • If the property has adaptations and the new customer doesn't need them  
  • The tenancy is a starter tenancy 

To avoid disappointment, please contact us to make sure you're eligible for a home exchange. You can do this by calling 0300 777 7777 or emailing us.


How do I move homes through home exchange?

House Exchange is usually the fastest way to move into the right home in the right area for you. You can register your details and advertise your home for free on their website. 

Register my details on the Home Exchange website


Once registered, you'll be provided with a list of Trafford Housing Trust homes, other housing associations and council properties with social housing customers who would like to swap their home.

It doesn't matter if your perfect home isn't with us, you can move into a home with a different provider by exchanging.

If you find the perfect home swap, you can visit each other's homes and if you still wish to swap ask your housing provider for permission. You can confirm your eligibility by calling us on 0300 777 7777 or emailing us.

We'll carry out some checks to make sure the properties are ready to swap. If everything is okay, we'll let you know if the application has been approved so you can arrange a date to move and get settled into your new home!   


What do I need to do? 

You'll need to complete a mutual exchange application form. This must be completed by both landlord partners involved in the mutual exchange. Once you have completed the forms, you'll need to hand these back to us. You'll need to make sure the tenant you're swapping with hands their completed forms back to their housing provider. 

We'll write to you within 42 days to let you know if your application has been approved or refused.   

If your application has been accepted, we'll carry out a few visits at your home including a property inspection, a health and safety and an energy performance check. We'll send a property report to the other tenant to sign and return to us. After all the necessary checks have been carried out, you can agree on a date to move. 

Visit the House Exchange website for more information