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Housing with support Housing with support Housing with support

Housing with support in Trafford

We believe everyone deserves to get the most out of their life, regardless of their age or health.  

We understand that staying independent in your own home is important to you. Our housing and support services are available throughout Trafford. 

We have 19 sheltered housing schemes and 3 extra care schemes in Trafford, which means you can stay close to your community, family, and friends. 

And all properties have a pull cord alarm system which means there is help as and when you need it.  


Sheltered housing 

This has various names, but essentially it's housing with the support of a scheme manager. Our sheltered schemes are multiple flats in one building, usually with central communal areas and an office where the scheme manager works.  

A scheme manager is in place during working hours and is there to support you. All our homes have pull cords fitted that alert the scheme manager when they are on-site or our Trustcare Alert and Response service if activated out of working hours. You can also be given a pendant alarm to wear around your neck or wrist if you choose to do so.  

To find out if we have sheltered schemes near you, visit our sheltered housing page


Extra care housing 

Our extra care housing schemes are purpose-built properties that provide a welcoming and homely feel. The apartments are usually centred around a communal courtyard with a café, hairdressers and other specialist spaces such as our reminiscence rooms.  

There are care teams on site 24 hours a day, seven days a week. One carer will be on hand from 10pm to 7am to deal with emergencies. 

A care package is needed from the local authority or through self-funding. Take a look at our extra care housing.


Technology Enabled Care (TEC) 

This range of services can transform people's lives through specialist equipment and services, such as door exit sensors, medication management systems, and alert systems.  

TEC can be added to your property as needed, giving you extra support to stay in your property. If you need extra services or equipment, this can be funded through a care package from the local authority or self-funding.  


How much do they cost?  

The price of your support depends on what you may need. In the first instance, you can go to the Initial Assessment Team (IAT) at Trafford Council or contact 0161 912 5199. 

The IAT team will review your current circumstances and a financial assessment, if requested, to find out how much you are entitled to.  

This will determine how much you'll need to pay towards the support costs – this could be none, some, or all of the cost. If you need support in getting the process started, you can contact us, and we will guide you through what happens next and signpost you to the right places.  


Who can use or access support services?  

Anyone who lives in the Trafford Borough and needs support can access our services. If you're aged 18 or over, you're entitled to a health and social care needs assessment from your local authority. The assessment determines a person's eligibility for social care support.  

If you're looking for care and support for someone aged under 18 you can contact the Initial Assessment Team (IAT) at Trafford Council on contact 0161 912 5199 to arrange an assessment for care and a financial assessment. 


Useful links 

You can find out more about paying for your care and support at NHS Care Choices. 

Trustcare is part of Trafford Housing Trust and offers all aspects of care and support, such as Alert and Response services, Homecare and Housing with support service.