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Get involved

Our customers play an essential role in helping us improve the services we provide.

By providing feedback, our customers are transforming our services and the experience they have with us. We believe that only by listening to our customers and understanding what matters to them will we make our services better and create better places to live. 

Read more about our customer led improvements.


How you can get involved?

Have your say 

We love to hear from our customers. Only by hearing from you can we improve the experience that you receive.

You can suggest an improvement or give a compliment about a service by emailing  

If you are dissatisfied with the service you receive, please call our Customer Hub on 0300 777 7777, and we will do our best to fix your problem straight away.

Read more about our complaints process.

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Join a customer group

Be involved in designing, shaping and scrutinising the services you receive. You can join like-minded individuals at home or in the community. We have a range of opportunities that ask for 10 minutes per month to 3+ hours per month. 


What groups can I get involved in? 

There are lots of ways you can take part in designing, testing, and scrutinising the services that our customers receive. These can take as much or as little of your time as you like. You’ll never be out of pocket by getting involved and, most importantly, it’ll be a rewarding experience. You can find details of our groups below. 

Due to restrictions in place, we have suspended our face-to-face customer groups. However, there are still ways to get involved in our online groups. You can find up-to-date coronavirus information on our coronavirus page.


Digital readers panel

Our digital readers panel gives feedback in their own time online. As part of our panel, you will review and suggest improvements for our policies and procedures from how customers report fly-tipping to exploring our website and letting us know how we can improve it

Find out more about digital readers


Focus group network

Our focus network group is a group of customers who are interested in shaping our products and services. They help to improve the experiences our customers receive from us by reviewing our services and recommending changes.

Find out more about focus group network


Customer complaints panel

Our customer complaints panel works with us to improve the complaints process by providing feedback on how we deal with complaints and offer suggestions on how we can improve.

Find out more about customer complaints


High-rise living panel

Our high-rise living panel discusses how we can improve building safety, and neighbourhood services, in our high-rise accommodation.

Find out more about high-rise living


Neighbourhood champions

As a neighbourhood champion, you will test and review how our services are delivered by speaking to other residents and inspecting how the work has been carried out. You’ll be able to focus on your block, estate or the green space in your area.

Find out more about neighbourhoods champions


Foundation grants virtual committee member

Our foundation team works with local charities and community groups to help them grow and be sustainable. The Virtual Committee helps us assess and make decisions on the funding applications we receive. 

Find out more about foundation grants


Quality and insight panel

Our quality and insight panel (QIP) scrutinise our performance and services and highlight the issues that matter most to customers. Members of QIP often undertake work in their own time between meetings. While this is a big commitment, the impact you will have on customer experience is significant. 

Find out more about QIP


Tenants and residents group

Our tenants and residents group work to improve the community and our services by raising issues and ensuring these are dealt with. There’s a range of ways that an association or forum can make a positive difference from representing customer views to organising social events for the community.

Find out more about tenants and residents


Still unsure?

If you’re interested, but you’re not sure what role is right for you, why not complete our short survey. This will ask you a few questions and match you with the role that is most suited to you.