Our customer groups

Join one of our customer groups and help change our services for the better

There are a number of ways you can take part in designing, testing and scrutinising the services that our customers receive.

Becoming involved with THT is a rewarding experience and you’ll never be out of pocket for getting involved. Find out more about the opportunities available here.

Can you spare 10 minutes per month?

Digital Readers Panel

Customers reviewing our policies and procedures online, in their own time, to suggest improvements.

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Can you spare an hour every few months?

Focus Group Network

A network of customers who are keen on occasionally taking part in focus groups to discuss issues that they care most about.

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Customer Complaints Panel

Providing feedback on how THT deal with complaints and offer suggestions on how we can improve.

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High Rise Living Board

Holding us to account for improving building safety, and neighbourhood services, in our high rise accommodation.

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Can you spare an hour every month?

Neighbourhood Champions

Working with us to test how services, including ground maintenance and mobile cleaning, are being provided by THT in the community.

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Social Investment Virtual Committee

Deciding how we spend our Social Investment Fund, which aims to invest £2 million in the community to tackle poverty and inequality and improve people’s lives.

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Can you spare three or more hours a month?

Quality and Insight Panel

Tenants and leaseholders who carry out in-depth reviews of a service and make recommendations for improvements.

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Tenants and Residents Groups

Customers in Trafford working together to improve their community and the services provided by THT.

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Latest news

Changes to our customers’ gas heating services provider

Liberty will now provide our gas heating services contract for customers.

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Trafford Housing Trust is now a part of the L&Q Group

Trafford Housing Trust to become a standalone subsidiary of L&Q, retaining its own brand, Board and executive management team.

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Fighting holiday hunger with Active Appetites

THT funding for 12 groups around Trafford to supply meals to children and families.

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L&Q talks heading towards completion

A personal update from Chief Executive Larry Gold

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Jim's Gym opens at Fiona Gardens

Trafford Housing Trust’s Social Investment Fund opens up exercise for over-55s

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Long standing board member John Lamb retires

Long-standing board member John Lamb retires.

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