Customer led improvements

Our customers play a key role in helping us improve the services we provide

Whether by providing feedback, or being part of a Trust involvement group, our customers are helping to transform the experience all customers receive.

There are a number of ways you can get involved in improving services. Find our more here.

Here are just some of the changes we’ve made based on the involvement of customers.

Fire Safety

Our Quality and Insight Panel, a group of customers who scrutinise our performance, completed an investigation on the Trust’s fire safety work. They made 21 recommendations to us which we have worked to implement. This has led to significant investments in our low-rise and high-rise homes and increased engagement with customers around fire safety.

Find out more about the Quality and Insight Panel.

Waste management

Twelve Neighbourhood Inspectors provided us information on how waste management services were being performed in their community. By providing us feedback over eight weeks we were able to build a better understanding of the service provided and work with partners to make improvements.

You can help make improvements in your community by becoming one of our Neighbourhood Champions. Find out more here.

Policies and procedures

Our Digital Readers Panel have helped review a number of our policies and procedures such as fly-tipping, customer consultations and pets. They have helped us improve our processes and ensure any policy is easy for colleagues and customers to understand.
Why not find out more about our Digital Readers Panel here


We asked customers who are using MyAccount what their experience of the service was. MyAccount is our online self service portal for customers. Based on feedback we made changes to the portal such as moving confirmation buttons and making the language easier to understand. This has helped us increase the number of customers successfully using our online service.

Learn more about MyAccount here.

Get involved

Why not find out how you can get more involved with us today. We have a range of opportunities that ask for 10 minutes per month to 3+ per month.

Click here for more information

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