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Neighbourhood champions

As a neighbourhood champion, you will test and review how our services are delivered by speaking to other customers and inspecting how the work has been carried out.

You’ll be able to focus on your block, estate or the green space in your area.

You’ll take part in:

  • Carrying out surveys within your block or neighbourhood to gain feedback
  • Speaking to other customers within your community
  • Attending bi-yearly Neighbourhood Champions meetings
  • Reviewing and testing how our services are being carried out


You can inspect your community when it suits you. It will normally take one hour, and we would recommend this is done once per month. You’ll be invited to a quarterly meeting to meet with the other Neighbourhood Champions and hear how we are improving our services.


Why should I become a neighbourhood champion?

Getting involved with us can be a rewarding experience. By becoming a champion, you will:

  • Provide detailed information to help us improve our services in the future
  • Identify solutions to any problems that exist
  • Be rewarded with vouchers for every three inspections you conduct
  • Meet with other customers who are passionate about improving the area in which they live


How can I get involved?

You can become a neighbourhood champion by completing our online form

Or if you’d like further information, you can email us at customerfirst@traffordhousingtrust.co.uk or call our Customer Hub on 0300 777 7777.