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Tenants and residents groups

Our tenants and residents group work to improve the community and our services by raising issues and ensuring these are dealt with.

There’s a range of ways that an association or forum can make a positive difference. These include:

  • Raising issues with us and ensuring these are dealt with
  • Representing all customers’ views to us, local councillors, and other stakeholders
  • Organising social events for the community
  • Informing customers of any issues and how they can get involved


Why should I join the tenants and residents group?

We have several tenants and resident associations and forums across the borough that work with the local community to give back to the community and make positive changes in the area. They meet monthly to provide feedback on the issues that are important to them and work closely with us to improve services.


How can I get involved?

You can join a group immediately. Simply come along to the next event.

Groups are currently set up in:

Old Trafford

  • Acorn Gardening Club – open to residents of Princess Court and Empress Court, Old Trafford
  • Tamworth Community Garden – open to residents of Grafton Court, Pickford Court and Clifford Court, Old Trafford


  • Positive Partington – open to residents in Partington


  • Sapling Grove Tenants and Residents Association – open to residents of Sapling Grove, Sale West


  • Circle Court Tenants and Residents Association – open to residents of Circle Court, Stretford
  • The Trees Tenants and Residents Association – open to residents in the Trees Estate, Stretford


If there is no group available in your area, and you would be interested in establishing a group, why not contact us?

You can email us at or call our Customer Hub on 0300 777 7777.

We can talk you through setting up a group and getting more involved in shaping our services and the community around you.