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Our Plans to Become a Community Benefit Society

Our Plans to Become a Community Benefit Society

by THT Announcement | 30/05/22

We are planning to make some changes to our legal structure that will simplify how we run Trafford Housing Trust. We want to let you know what is happening, why we want to make these changes, and what it means for you.

What is being planned?
We plan to convert THT from a charitable company to a charitable Community Benefit Society (CBS) – this is a legal change to the type of company THT will operate as. We plan to make the conversion to a CBS by the end of August 2022.

What is a Community Benefit Society?
A CBS is a type of company specifically designed for not-for-profit organisations whose main aim is to support and improve local communities. It is a very common legal structure for housing associations like THT, and most are already Community Benefit Societies because of the work they do to benefit local communities.

Why is THT making this change?
Becoming a CBS will help us simplify how THT is managed and regulated. This will save us time, money and other resources, helping us deliver better value for money for you, and protect the money we want to put towards improving services, investing in local communities in Trafford, and building more new affordable homes.

It will also make it easier for us to work more closely with our parent company, L&Q, on our long-term plans for the future. This will help us achieve more of the increased community support and investment, and new home building, that being part of L&Q has already helped us deliver.

Making this change will also better reflect what THT does in terms of working with and benefitting local communities in Trafford.

Will this change affect me as a THT customer?
THT changing to a CBS will not affect our day-to-day business, and your tenancy and how you access our services will continue as normal. Nothing about your home, your tenancy agreement, your rent or service charges, repairs and maintenance, or the wide range of other services you receive as a THT customer will be affected by THT converting to a CBS.

Will I need a new tenancy agreement or lease?
No, there will be no need for you to sign a new agreement or lease once we convert to a CBS. All the rights you have within these agreements will stay the same, such as the preserved right to buy or right to acquire.

Will my rent or service charges be affected?
No, the planned change will not have any impact on your rent or any service charge you may pay. Our rents will continue to be set in line with Government guidelines.

Would conversion to a CBS change who THT houses?
No. As a CBS, THT would continue to be a charitable organisation and a ‘registered provider’ of social housing, offering affordable homes to those who need them most in communities across Trafford.

Will this impact customer involvement?
No. We welcome your valuable input, and we will continue working closely with you to ensure customers have plenty of opportunity to get involved and help shape high quality services and our long-term plans.

More information
If you want to know more or have any questions about our plans, please get in touch.

Phone: 0300 777 7777
Write to us at: Trafford Housing Trust, Sale Point, 126-150 Washway Road, Sale M33 6AG


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