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The Trafford crisis fund

To help with poverty and provide additional family support, we’ve launched a Trafford Crisis Fund to help raise funds to support our most vulnerable residents.

by Larry Gold - Chief Executive, THT | 14/05/20

Trafford is one of the most affluent areas in Manchester, but it’s racked with huge pockets of poverty and inequality, masked by richer boroughs. It never fails to shock me that there are such great differences in the levels of poverty between different wards in Trafford. This means where you grow up really affects your chances of a good start in life.

We’ve been working to address the shortage of affordable housing and poverty for several years now. Social housing is one of the most pressing social justice issues of our time.

In 2018 we launched our community hub, Limelight, in Clifford, Old Trafford. Clifford’s ward is the most deprived area in the Borough of Trafford and is in the bottom 10% of most deprived areas in the whole of England. It has the highest rate of child poverty where nearly half of children are living in poverty.

Last year, our social investment fund supported local projects to tackle holiday hunger. The funds enabled 5,700 free lunches to be given out to school children, with all projects running across the summer break. And, last month we helped to launch Trafford Community Response hubs across the borough with one each in Altrincham, Gorse Hill, Partington, Sale,Old Trafford and Urmston.

Right now, many families are struggling to feed their children, others are feeling more and more isolated or at risk of losing their jobs and homes. The current Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the need to do more to support each other and our community.

We’ve just launched a Trafford Crisis Fund to help with poverty and additional family support as the pandemic rolls on. Our teams at Trafford Housing Trust are working with the Trafford Partnership, a group of charities, residents, businesses, faith groups and other local organisations committed to supporting Trafford residents. 

Just Giving, Trafford Housing Trust and Trafford Council logos

We’re hoping to raise £250,000 or more - if possible - to help those in need to access basic provisions such as food and medication, as well as making sure that anyone who is lonely or at risk has someone to talk to. 

I find Trafford such a wonderful place to work in and at this difficult time we must do more to support families in need.

Please give generously if you can.

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