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THT Recovery Grants applications are open

We're excited to announce we have £600,000 of grant funding available to help projects which are focused on the recovery from the impact of the last 20 months.

by THT Press Office | 04/10/21

We're providing medium and large recovery grants to projects that directly respond to local community needs, including financial, mental, physical or social support.

Medium recovery grants can provide organisations with between £5000 and £25,000 funding, while large grants can provide between £25,000 and £100,000 of funding.

Our Support

  • Children and young people: Children and young people living in our communities are better equipped with skills, knowledge and attitude to thrive in life
  • Maximising income/reducing costs: Residents' incomes are increased and maximised, supporting them to live independently
  • Wellbeing both mental and physical: Residents are more resilient to changes in personal circumstances through increased levels of wellbeing
  • Community: Residents feel more connected with their local community, with local amenities and cultural and social opportunities to meet their needs

Your organisation can access grant support if your work benefits people in our communities and meets at least one of our priorities:



To be eligible, your project must:

Contact and engage with a Capacity Builder ahead of applying

Demonstrate how gaps in provision have been identified, how any partnership is best placed to deliver the project as well as the impacts of the project to residents

Consider a partnership approach working alongside organisations to maximise impact within the community


How to apply?

We ask all our applicants to apply online via our application portal. If you have any questions, please get in touch with the team by emailing 

Do you need any guidance on funding? 



Medium Grant

Deadline for submission: Monday 29 November

Large Grant

Stage 1

Deadline for EOI submission: Thursday 4 November

Successful large EOI submissions will then complete a stage two application for submission by Monday 7 January

If you would like to apply for the Recovery Grant please click here

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