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VCFSE Funding & Support

Our Support

We provide support to the Voluntary, Community, Faith and Social Enterprise (VCFSE) sector in two ways: Capacity Building and Grant Funding.

Your organisation can access both types of support if your work benefits people in our communities and meets at least one of our priorities:

  • Children and young people: Children and young people living in our communities are better equipped with skills, knowledge and attitude to thrive in life.
  • Maximising income/reducing costs: Residents' incomes are increased and maximised, supporting them to live independently.
  • Wellbeing (mental and physical): Residents are more resilient to changes in personal circumstances through increased levels of wellbeing.
  • Community: Residents feel more connected with their local community, with local amenities and cultural and social opportunities to meet their needs. 


Capacity Building

Our Team of Capacity Builders can support you and your organisation with the following:

Coaching for success

Focussed conversations on goal setting and how to reach them for both short and long term plans.


Introductions to partners who can help your organisation to increase its impact. Our networks expand across public, private, and voluntary sectors on a local and national level.

Income generation

Finding the right sources of income for you. Through grant funding from THT or other funders, finding paying customers or accessing public sector commissioning.

Business support

Working with you to strengthen your business structure. From exploring which organisational structure works for you to guidance on marketing, HR or governance.


THT Community Grants

We advise you to speak to one of our Capacity Builders before applying for funding, as they can support you throughout the application process. 

You can get in touch with a Capacity Builder to discuss your grant application by emailing us or calling 0161 968 0151.


All our grants are capped at a maximum of a 2-year project. Depending on the type of organisation you are, you may be eligible for the following:

  • Micro grant: £0 - £500
  • Small grant: £500 - £5,000
  • Medium grant: £5,000 - £25,000
  • Large grant: £25,000 - £100,000
If you have read and understood the application process, then you can apply for funding online.



You can check how much your organisation is eligible for through our application portal. If you find you are not eligible for the amount you require, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will explain what you need to do to access a higher level of grant and support you in this. 



We ask all our applicants to apply online via our application portal. If you are unable to access this for any reason, please contact us.

Do you need any guidance on funding?



We accept applications all year round. If you have applied for a micro or small grant, you will hear back from us within four weeks. If you have applied for a medium or large grant at either stage, you will hear back from us within eight weeks.


Grant Agreement

If successful, we will invite you to complete a grant agreement online. We will also ask you for supporting documents which may include: your constitution, a risk assessment, liability insurance, safeguarding policy, annual accounts and a bank statement.

Once you have submitted your grant agreement online, we aim to send your payment within three weeks of this date. This allows us time to check your supporting documents and verify your bank details.

Should we need to clarify anything you have sent us, we will get in touch, and this may delay your payment.


Monitoring and evaluation

If you have been awarded a large grant, you will complete a monitoring form every six months for us to release your next payment.

When your project is due to end, we will ask you to complete an evaluation form showing what you have achieved. We will write to you during the month your project is due to end to remind you to complete this. You can look at the evaluation form on the portal so you know what to expect.

Ready to apply for funding? 


We are a Living Wage Funder

Being an accredited Living Wage Funder means we will fund grant funded job posts at the Living Wage rate. Living Wage Funders seek to ensure that all posts wholly or partially funded by the funder pay the Living Wage unless there are particular reasons for this not to happen. These might include difficulties in maintaining differentials and the impact on other posts within the grantee's workforce.

The minimum wage in the UK is currently £8.36 an hour, but the UK real Living Wage, which is set independently and calculated in accordance with the basic cost of living in the UK, is £9.50.

Find out more about Living Wage Funders