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Community Waste Collection days

Community Waste Collection days

Our Community Waste Collection days support Trafford Council's 'Let's tidy Trafford together' project.

As part of the initiative, we're providing the opportunity to get rid of all your unwanted and bulky items for free.

To find out when we're in your area, view our schedule below or call 0300 777 7777.


What is Community Waste Collection day?

Over the next few months, we'll be collecting your waste via a caged waste van every week in every part of Trafford, including:

We aim to help reduce fly-tipping, side waste, and contaminated bins, which currently affect the cleanliness and tidiness of our communities.

Over the next few months, bring your bulky and unwanted items to the designated caged waste van, and we'll dispose of them free of charge.


Do I have to pay for this service?

No, this service is free of charge.


When will you be visiting my area?

Our designated caged waste vans will be in your area from 9:30am to 12pm.

However, if the caged vans are filled quicker than expected, we may have to finish the event earlier. To avoid disappointment, please go to the drop off point at an earlier time.

Please don't be alarmed if there isn't a location near to you on the current schedule. Trafford has a large geographical area to cover, and we'll be changing the drop off locations every quarter to give all residents an opportunity to use the free service.

Whilst we'll make every effort to ensure the dates/times are fixed on rare occasions, these may be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. In such cases, every effort will be made to update customers in the affected area at the earliest opportunity.



  • Monday 4 April: Redbrook Road – between Dee Ave/Bamford Gardens car park
  • Monday 11 April: Oldfield Brow North – car park
  • Tuesday 12 April: Bowker Court – car park 
  • Monday 9 May: Lloyd gardens – bin store between Armitage Road
  • Monday 16 May: Oldfield Brow South - corner of Stokoe Ave/Crescent Road
  • Monday 13 June: Corner of Urban Ave - Urban Road end 
  • Monday 4 July: Westmead Drive - next to bin store



  • Friday 1 April: Near bungalows on Ackers Lane, Carrington



  • Friday 29 April: 460-470 Flixton Road – outside the block
  • Wednesday 1 June: Norfolk Gardens – outside the Green
  • Friday 1 July: Roedeans Gardens/Deanway - Central


Old Trafford

  • Wednesday 20 April: Essex Way – both sides
  • Wednesday 4 May: Tamworth High rises – car park 
  • Wednesday 25 May: Headingley Drive – mid way
  • Wednesday 8 June: Trent Bridge walk – 41-46 Headingley Drive car park
  • Wednesday 6 July: Edgbaston – mid way



  • Tuesday 5 April: Chapel Walk – car park
  • Tuesday 26 April: Gatley Road – cul-de-sac
  • Tuesday 17 May: Croft Road – mid way
  • Tuesday 31 May: Hoylake Road – car park
  • Tuesday 14 June: Totnes Road – facing the Green
  • Tuesday 5 July: Royton Ave – mid way 
  • Tuesday 12 July: Chorley Road – mid way 



  • Thursday 21 April: Lacy Street - mid way
  • Thursday 5 May: Burleigh Court - car park
  • Thursday 12 May: Lee Crescent – Top end
  • Thursday 26 May: Wardle Close - car park 
  • Thursday 9 June: Elm Drive – outside block
  • Wednesday 22 June: Milton Close – car park
  • Thursday 23 June: Canute Court – car park
  • Thursday 30 June: Railway Road – outside the block
  • Thursday 14 July: Glastonbury Road/Selby Road
  • Thursday 21 July: Moss Vale Crescent – outside the block


We can't collect the following items:

  • Asbestos and insulation materials
  • Vehicle batteries, vehicle parts and fittings
  • Soil, trees, greenhouses, paving slabs, turf
  • Supermarket trolleys
  • Bricks, tiles, building rubble and materials and building structures
  • Paint, oils, and any other flammable materials
  • Concrete fence panels/posts
  • Fridges, compressed gas bottles, chemicals, clinical waste, glass sheets


Will there be help at the events?

We'll be on hand at every event to help lift your bulky items into the caged van.

They will also be a THT Tenancy Sustainment officer available to answer any questions you may have.