Anti-social behaviour

Support available for customers who are experiencing anti-social behaviour in their community


Everyone who signs a Trafford Housing Trust tenancy knows they have to act responsibly and make sure their children and visitors do not cause trouble. The same applies to leaseholders.

We are committed to dealing with anti-social behaviour and will take prompt, appropriate and decisive action to deal with issues before they escalate. We will work with relevant partners (e.g. local authorities and police) when necessary.

Where customers cause persistent problems and do not respond to the warnings sent to them, we'll use whatever powers and remedies are available. If necessary, we will take court action to resolve the issue. But we will always make sure that our actions are proportionate.

What is anti-social behaviour?

Customers should recognise that everyday noise and lifestyle differences are to be expected when living close to other people. When other people's behaviour disrupts your quality of live then it becomes anti-social behaviour. We have a list of some of the things that are considered, or not considered, to be anti-social behaviour. Find out more here

Reporting anti-social behaviour

You should always call the police if you feel a risk of harm. If this risk is imminent you should call 999, otherwise the number is 101. Once you've spoken to the police, you can report anti-social behaviour to us by clicking here.


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