Staying Covid-19 Secure

The following information supports the Health & Safety Executive’s official guidance statement

“Staying COVID-19 Secure in 2020 – Five Steps to safer working together” that Trafford Housing Trust complies with:

1. COVID 19 risk assessment

Trafford Housing Trust have completed a COVID-19 risk assessment and made sure that our staff have the equipment and the training they need to be able to work safely. Many of our colleagues are essential workers and have been supporting customers throughout this pandemic. We are keeping customers safe by keeping our staff safe and making sure that essential services are provided. As we open up and start offering more and more services, we are applying what we have learned.

2. Cleaning handwashing and hygiene

We have provided wipes, sanitiser, cleaning equipment and/or safe disposal kits for our staff as required. Trades engaged in emergency work have all been provided with a wash hand basin on their vehicles with hot and cold water. Staff have specialist protective equipment for where they need it and can advise customers on how to stay safe when they are working in and around your home. For customers living in properties with common parts, we have upped the cleaning regime and changed what we do to focus on touchpoints like door handles and lift buttons. We have done the same in our offices.

3. Maintaining a 2m distance

Wherever we can maintain a two-metre distance we will do so. Our staff (not all of them) have yellow hi-vis jackets so you can see us, and they advise everyone to stay two meters apart. We have provided information and advice for customers living in buildings with shared areas on how to stay safe. Before we go into any customer home, an appointment will have been made with the customer and we will have worked with them to ensure we can enter their home and perform our work safely.

4. Manage transmission risk

Occasionally we will have to do work were two-metre separation cannot be maintained. For example, we provide care for those who need it through TrustCare. Our staff are training and have all the protective equipment they need to be able to care for people as safely as possible. There are occasions where we have to carry out work that requires more than one person to complete it, like lifting heavy items or some gardening work. These people may also share a vehicle. People working closely together will have received special training on how to stay safe whilst working together and provided with extra protective equipment.

5. Help people work from home

Only people who cannot do their work from home are currently coming back into work at Trafford Housing Trust. That means we still have a lot of colleagues working from home. Those who need computer equipment and chairs to work safely have been provided with it.

Our People and Talent team have put together and are delivering a wellbeing programme to further support staff and ensure they feel engaged and included.


You can find a copy of our Staying COVID-19 Secure Accessible Statement here.

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