Making a complaint

Complaints, compliments and suggestions

Tell us what you think about our services

Your views really matter to us. They help us to do things better our customers. So, if you’re not happy, or you have a suggestion about how we can provide a better service, please let us know.

What is a complaint?

Complaints should not be confused with everyday enquiries or appeals against an allocation for housing. A complaint is also not an issue with a neighbour or Anti-Social Behaviour. We deal with these in a different way.​

Need help making a complaint?

If you need help, one of our team can record your complaint. You may also be accompanied by a friend at any stage of the complaints process.


What to do if you have a complaint or suggestion

The best way to tell us if you’re unhappy is by emailing, If you can’t email, then you can call our Customer Service Team on 0300 777 7777.

Help us improve our complaints process

Our Customer Complaints Panel review complaints on behalf of other customers and provide feedback on how we dealt with things and what we could do better in the future. We are doing this to give confidence that issues will be considered fairly and impartially. We are looking for customers to sit on the Panel. You can find out more here.

To view the Self Assessment Housing Ombudsman Complaints Code please click here.

To view our complaints, compliments & suggestions policy please click here. 


Guide to the complaint procedure 


1. How to make a complaint 

You can make a complaint to Trafford Housing Trust either by telephone, in writing (email or letter) or through our social media channels. If you wish to raise a petition about an issue, we will also deal with this through our complaint’s policy.

2. Official or unofficial complaint

Unless you tell us otherwise, we will treat this as an official complaint. If you don’t want it to be an official complaint and we are able to offer a suitable resolution, then we will treat it as an unofficial complaint.

3. Time to respond

Once we receive a complaint it will be passed to one of our Customer Liaison Officers who has 10 working days to make a decision but will aim to discuss the issue(s) you have raised within two working days of receiving the complaint. The Customer Liaison Officer will try to contact you before issuing the decision to discuss it. In very rare circumstances we may ask for a 10 day extension if further information is required before making a final decision.

4. Our decision

Once you receive the formal decision if you are happy with our response you don’t need to take any further action and your complaint will be closed. If, however, you are not happy with this you can escalate the complaint to a tier 2 complaint. 

5. Tier 2 complaint

This will be passed to the Resolution Lead who will review the facts of the case and investigation and then make a final decision. They have 20 working days to make a final decision, and again, in exceptional circumstances we may ask for a 10 day extension. We will try to contact you before issuing the final decision to discuss it.

6. Next steps

If you are satisfied with our response you don’t need to take any further action, however if you are not satisfied with our response then our complaints process has been exhausted but you can take this to the Housing Ombudsman who will then investigate your complaint and our response. You can take your complaint to the Ombudsman if we haven’t dealt with it within 8 weeks.

If after this, you are still unhappy with the final decision, you can refer your complaint to the relevant ombudsman, such as the Housing Ombudsman. You can also ask for support from your local MP or councillor.

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